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  • Ajóre 1
  • Ajóre 2
  • Ajóre 3 (with Mardit B. Lleshi)
  • Ajóre 4
Format: Files MP3 CBR 320 Kbps
Release Date: June 16, 2014
Total running time: 26:17
Catalogue: BN_EP007_06_14
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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Ilir Lluka is a sound artist / electronic music composer from Tirana, Albania (born_September 11th 1984). His compositions are built on psychological associations on memory perception through abstracted sounds from their original context into new objects of reflection to the listener's psyche. Ilir's soundworks have dense textural combinations of processed field-recordings, electronic sounds, acoustic instruments (such as cello, double bass, etc, often heavily distorted) or poetry in unconventional forms of interaction between words and music. Although coming from an academic background outside of arts (he has a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations) Ilir Lluka began his artistic oeuvre with poetry at the age of 11, while in recent years he began studying as an autodidact the techniques of sound design and synthesis in their academic and practical level. His soundworks have been presented in art galleries in Tirana and other artistic spaces in installations and solo sound-art performances (including the National History Museum of Albania), and also a short film (Monolith Prism) commissioned by the Albanian Academy of Arts that included a live performance in the streets of Tirana without notice and just for a casual public. Ilir was guest of the 2013 edition of “To Be Continued…” an international radioweb event for contemporary music hosted by Stazione Di Topolo (Italy) along names like Pauline Oliveros, Felicia Atkinson, Alessandra Celletti, etc. His EP “Looking At My Hands” was published on May 2014 by Manyfeetunder label and “Res” a recent EP with Jonida Prifti released on ozky e-sound label.

Ajóre” is a presentation of certain emotional elements in moments of everyday-life and traces a line where two layers of reality merge -- the everyday’s objective reality and the subjective element, in this case represented by music as an element standing beneath objects, meanings, movements, gestures. “Ajóre” is an abstract and dynamic concept which evolves throughout the structure of life, contexts and situations but still remaining that same in its blurry essence.

(Headphones reccomended for a full listening experience)